Sunday, 29 April 2012


AnyTone Wi-Fi Booster (Wi-fi Repeater) PA-400 


this tool can increase wi-fi 

A Wi-fi Booster that is also called wifi repeater or range extender is used to broaden the range of Wi-Fi network. While installation, you just need to place the wifi booster between the router and then put the modem’s antenna on it.
A wifi repeater works by receiving the wi-fi signal from a router and then amplifies and rebroadcast it around locally. With a wifi repeater computers and printers that located out of the original range of access point can access the extended wi-fi network. Wifi repeater effectively doubles the coverage area of your existing wi-fi network, extend your network to the far end of your home or office and that’s why make your life easier with good wi-fi excess.
This small and light device for symbolic sum can save your business and nerves, allowing you ro stay connected all the time with higher possibilities.
wifi booster
wi-fi amplifier
wifi repeater

Technical characteristics:

Indoor coverage: 150 m2
Frequency Range: 2.4 - 2.5 GHz
Up-link Gain: 12 dB
Down-link Gain: 15 dB
Power supply: 110V - 220V AC
Working Temperature: -45 to +80 C
Humidity: 5-95%
Size(mm): 90x50x20
Weight: 0.3 kg


  • Wifi Booster
  • Antenna
  • Adapter for SMA/TNC
  • Power supply,
  • Manual

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