Thursday, 26 April 2012


connect the desired pendrive or hard disk to the computer , and back up all the data,
then format all the drivers of that pendrive or hard drive..
How to Partition an External Hard Drive
1) Click on the Start Menu, right-click on My Computer, and select “Manage.” This will display the Computer Management window and will display System Tools and Storage options on the left-hand side.
2) Click the Disk Management option under Storage, right-click the external hard drive’s volume letter, and click “Shrink Volume.” The Shrink Volume window will be displayed and will allow the user to modify how much disk space is dedicated to that volume. By decreasing the volume’s size, the user will create an unallocated partition, which is a partition that has not been formatted or given a volume letter.
3) Right click on the unallocated partition, select “New Simple Volume,” and complete the following options that are given. The external hard drive is now partitioned.
if you have any problem while partition , please comment..

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